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About DeepStrat

DeepStrat is a New Delhi-based Strategic Consultancy and Think Tank specialising in Risk Management and integrated solutions to business continuity threats across sectors.

It was founded with the vision to combine rich experience in government with the best talent available in the private sector to produce sustainable solutions. At DeepStrat we focus on a broad spectrum of issues – Risk Assessment & Mitigation, Cybersecurity, Technology, Sustainability, Governance, Capacity Building, Foreign Policy, Defence and Public Policy.

The DeepStrat network can help your firm navigate Asia’s complex public policy space, engage decision makers, assess risks, audit security and communication strategies.

Along with our partners we also carry out Risk Assessments and Risk Mitigation, Due Diligence, Cybersecurity and Physical Security, Public Policy, ISO 27001 Audits, Market Intelligence, Geo-Political Analysis, Advocacy and Capacity Building.

DeepStrat was founded by a group of experienced professionals who served in the top echelons of the Indian government in fields as diverse as administration, intelligence, policing, military, international relations, media, law and public policy.

DeepStrat is incorporated under India’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

If you need to know more about us or our policies, drop us an email at [email protected]