DeepStrat was founded with the vision to combine rich experience in government in South Asia with the best talent available in the private sector to deliver sustainable solutions. We help our clients scope, design and implement their strategic goals through custom-made solutions and guided by cutting-edge research.

It offers its unmatched experience, deep networks and multi-disciplinary research expertise to deliver mandates of our partners and clients.

The DeepStrat Network offers decades of experience in Government, Public Policy, Intelligence, Media, Research, Risk Management and Risk Mitigation, Geo-political Analysis, Security Audits, Counter-Intelligence, VIP Security, Conflict Resolution and Strategic Communication across South Asia.

We are your strategic window to South Asia and beyond.

If you are looking to partner us, drop us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you.

Our Research

India’s counter-Maoist strategy needs an urgent re-boot, writes Yashovardhan Azad, Chairman and Saikat Datta, co-founder DeepStrat.

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Our Vision

What We Do

In a complex world you need a team of experts who can work with multiple stakeholders to find sustainable solutions.

Deepstrat works primarily in South Asia and India in particular, which has emerged as a key driver of the global economy and public policy. Its network is spread across governments, decision makers, media, law, academia, and civil society.

We have experience and networks in South Asia that offering insights in public policy, intelligence, military, foreign policy, media, law, strategic & crisis communication, stakeholder mapping, cybersecurity, risk analysis & mitigation, sustainability, and data privacy.

Every programme that we undertake is backed by our collective experience, high-quality, multi-disciplinary research and contextualised in South Asia’s political landscape.

We Work With

Governments, helping them formulate policy based on high-quality research, stakeholder consultations and consensus-building.

Think Tanks, helping them with research, advocacy and partnerships.

Multi-National Corporations, helping them navigate India’s complex regulatory and governance landscape.

Foreign Governments, helping them to enhance bilateral relations with India and South Asia using Track 1.5 and Track 2 forums and also help resolve long pending disputes.

Non-profits, partnering them in capacity building, advocacy on a range of issues.

Embassies & High Commissions offering immersion programmes, advisories and expertise to enhance their understanding of South Asia.

Founding Partners


Amitabh Mathur, IPS (Retd)

Founding Partner, DeepStrat

Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha (Retd)

Founding Partner, DeepStrat

Saikat Datta

Designated & Founding Partner, DeepStrat

Kazim Rizvi

Designated & Founding Partner, DeepStrat

. @yashoazad, @iam_anandv, @kazimriz share their insights on the challenges of the #traceability mandate & effectiveness of #metadata analysis, as detailed in their recent study on #NationalSecurity & #Encryption, to @Analyticsindiam.

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Analytics India interviewed us on our latest report titled 'Analysing the security implications of weakening encryption', which was published last week. Here we speak about the challenges associated with traceability. @_DialogueIndia @DeepStrat_LLP

Chairman @yashoazad & Co-Founder @saikatd, DeepStrat, talk about the recent #JPC report on India’s maiden #datalaw and how it overlooks citizens’ #privacy while strengthening the case for the government to gain #DataAccess, in this article.
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Our Publications

Guarding our Privacy: Cosmetic solutions?

Professor Alan Westin, American professor of law, recognised as the father of modern data privacy law, laid down the basic principles of privacy law decades ago in his books, ‘Privacy and Freedom’ and ‘Databanks in a Free Society’. Westin defined privacy as the “claim of individuals, groups or institutions to determine for themselves when, how […]

Executive Summary & Recommendations: Report on Analysing the National Security Implication of Weakening Encryption

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Encryption in today’s increasingly interconnected world is perhaps the only technology that provides us a sense of safety online. It is the most important enabler of free speech and indirectly thus, allows for the internet enabled communication to provide the same privacy we expect within the confines of what a physical conversation with […]

Analysing the National Security Implication of Weakening Encryption

This study by The DialogueTM and DeepStrat analyses the national security implications of weakening encryption technology. It is based on qualitative inputs from veterans in the law enforcement, intelligence agencies, the military and India’s tech community. The report is also a deep study of global legal and technical standards. It highlights the challenges investigators face […]

No more ‘Bulli Bai’: Creating a safer internet for women

The alleged auction of Muslim women online, a repeat of a similar act in the middle of 2021, has brought to light a plethora of online and offline issues once again. In the middle of 2021, news about a digital application called SulliDeals had images of Muslim women being shared as “auctions”. The case was […]

Report on RBI’s CoF and Tokenisation Guidelines

Through recent guidelines, the Reserve Bank of India mandated the deletion of card on file details by merchants and PA/PGs post 31.12.21. They also expanded the scope of application of the tokenisation framework to help counteract potential disruption. The Dialogue and DeepStrat conducted a series of interviews with key stakeholders in the digital payments ecosystem […]

Preliminary Analysis: Report of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the PDP Bill, 2019

1. Introduction The Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) on the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019, tabled its report in both houses of the Parliament. The Bill had a long journey from the 12th of December 2019, when it was introduced in Parliament, to the 16th of December 2021, after being thoroughly analysed by the JPC. The […]