Anand Venkatanaryanan

Co-Founder & CTO, DeepStrat
Lead, Cybersecurity

Anand Venkatanaryanan is a cybersecurity and privacy researcher. He has two decades of experience in the corporate sector and has worked in AT&T, Intel and NetApp across multiple domains such as Telecom protocols, Network engineering, Device drivers for Graphics Chips, Linux device drivers for filesystems and Storage management products

He also dabbles in financial modelling and can read balance sheets with the same ease as software code.

He is a public interest technologist and has written extensively about cyber security issues in several publications including Medianama, Bloomberg Quint, The Quint, The Ken, The Business standard, Hindustan Times, Times of India, The Wire and Asia Times and was the first one to break the story of the hack of Kudunkulam nuclear reactor in the public domain by the North Koreans using the D-track malware.

He was called as an expert witness before the Supreme Court of India in the Aadhaar case and has also deposed before the Kenyan High court on their Digital Identity project called Huduma Namba.

As a Co-Founder to DeepStrat , Anand brings a wealth of experience in cybersecurity, analysing malware, secure code analysis, auditing and designing privacy standards and tech policy.