Ranjeet Rane

Programme Manager

Ranjeet is an experienced technology policy and communication specialist. In his role as Senior Lead, Policy Research and Outreach at the Reserve Bank Information Technology (ReBIT) Pvt. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of India, he routinely provided research support to policy makers at the central bank in areas like financial inclusion, digital payment systems, cyber security and data privacy. He has authored policy papers on Responsibility Vulnerability Disclosure, Data Localisation and Cyber Crisis Communication. He has written extensively on cyber security, data privacy, open internet policies and IT enabled governance, and has been published in national and international publications. He has a keen interest in emerging technologies and their application in financial sector.

He is also engaged in law enforcement capacity building. He has helped conceptualize and deliver training programs for investigating cyber crimes involving crypto assets to LEA officers across different states in India.

Ranjeet is a CPR South Fellow (2017) and has been engaged in regional and international policy forums over the past decade.