Executive Summary The era of digitisation may have begun, when the Personal computer became available as a mass market device in the year 1970, when the Altair 8800 was introduced, but it accelerated at great speed in the 2000s, when internet companies figured out how to create ware-house sized giant computers, by networking cheaper desktop […]

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INTRODUCTION   Sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) have been identified as a major source of sugar content leading to obesity and related health complications. The World Health Organization (WHO) discourages the consumption of sugar since it contributes to unhealthy weight.[1] There is an increasing global trend to combat the ill effects of such sugar consumption by a […]

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A. Gaming Industry in India   “The gaming market is huge internationally and the number of youth connected to this market globally is increasing. That is why in this year’s [2022] budget we have focused on Animation Visual Effects Gaming Comic (AVGC)”1 Mr. Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India “The animation, visual effects, gaming, […]

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Context Digital lending is growing rapidly and along with the growth there has been a noticeable rise in consumer harms. These harms arise due to a variety of factors such as regulatory void on upcoming technology and data use in the financial sector, digital literacy, financial literacy leading to exploitative practices and suboptimal outcomes such […]